Parent & Student Handbook

Fall 2020 Reopening Plans August 24th 


Sung Adventist Academy will be in a synchronous online learning platform.  Class will be given in real time during regular scheduled. Students will be required to log in and engage face to face (video) with instructor and classmates during that specific subject area class time.  Each student will have a laptop (provided by the school) and will be able to log into the online learning platform of Canvas.  Student’s will have all learning applications available through Clever, scheduled lives and recorded class through Teams for class discussions. Teachers will pace standards and assignments in weekly syllabus and modules. Some textbooks are available online through our platform and hard cover textbooks and workbooks will be distributed as needed.  Students are able to access supplemental resources such as; Reading Plus; Dream Box; A-Z Reading or any supplemental applications assigned by the teacher.  All grades and syllabus will be posted in Canvas for students and parents to access. Our school plans to prohibit educational digress through one on one online tutoring interventions based on that students’ progress monitoring results. We will also differentiate instruction and scaffold as needed for struggling students. Our staff included several points of reference for parents and students for continual progress monitoring. Communication and training with the parents will also be essential to help keep student accountable and on track. Clear guidelines and expectations given through all forms of communication to all stakeholders will also allow us to overcome any obstacles.