At a glance


           Nadine Mars Moise: 1-4 Bible, Math &  Science 

Kania Paulas: 6-8 Bible, English & Social Studies 

Garlie Tipton: VPK-Kindergarten 

Ouida Sutherland: High School Facilitator 

VPK-Kindergarten Classroom


Our VPK-Kindergarten grade half day all day program provides successful experiences based on each child’s stage of development. In our nurturing environment the foundation is laid for future academic and social skills. Our innovative and energetic classroom teacher is committed to excellence showing academic and spiritual growth.

1-4 Classroom


Our first through fourth grade classes are filled with excited students, dedicated staff, involved parents, equipped with the latest advancement in educational technology. Students are afforded a supportive and safe environment which respects the diversity of all individuals. We instill a love for Jesus, community, and learning in an atmosphere that promotes academic excellence and student achievement.

6-8 Classroom


Our fifth through eight grade program prepares our students to face the challenges of the 21 st century in academics, research, self motivation and Christian community service. Standard-based instruction is provided through individualized growth-focused lessons to each student. The foundation of success is set for our students to be globally competitive for college, career and eternity readiness.